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Mitchell Spearrin was awarded an NSF CAREER grant for research on high-pressure combustion engines that offer a future of cleaner, more-efficient engines and lower transportation emissions.

Key research on high-pressure combustion for the development of cleaner, more efficient engines has found a home at UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. Mitchell Spearrin, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, earned a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award for research on the chemistry and physics of combustion Read more

Sam Emaminejad receives NARSAD grant for research on molecular biomarkers for depression

Congratulations to Sam Emaminejad, assistant professor in the Electrical Engineering department at UCLA, for receiving a NARSAD grant from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.  The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation recognizes scientists that are considered game-changers in the field of mental health research. In the past NARSAD grant recipients have gone on to shape Read more

Day 2 of UCLA’s workshop on University-Led Grand Challenges at the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center.
UCLA Grand Challenges

On October 5 and October 6, 2017 UCLA hosted a two-day workshop and strategy session for universities currently engaged with or exploring grand challenges. Over 40 university professionals from a range of backgrounds from 21 universities across the country attended to share best practices, learn about others’ experiences, and create a framework for a formal community of practice. Read more

Jessica Lynch Alfaro, an anthropology associate professor, said if an opossum gets hit by a car, sometimes the babies in the pouch survive and may be fostered by people. In Los Angeles, it is a more common practice to take them to the California Wildlife Center.
(Courtesy of Jessica Lynch Alfaro)

With a prize of $225,000 from the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, UCLA researchers will survey residents and study mammals such as squirrels, raccoons and possums in a three-part study starting in April 2017 to better understand the relationship between animals and humans. Researchers will study the pathogens animals carry, how humans interact with mammals, and further document biodiversity in Los Angeles in order to uncover how Read more