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This season has been a boon for California ski resorts but when future droughts hit there are reasons to be concerned.
Courtesy of Peter Morning

According to UCLA climate scientist Alex Hall and co-author Neil Berg, the Sierra Nevada snowpack, which provides 60 percent of the state’s water, has been severely diminished by human-induced climate change. If emissions levels aren’t decreased, the snowpack could largely disappear during droughts. The consequences of the Read more

Cameras and electronic sensors stand over the express lane south of the Slauson Avenue transit station on the 110 Freeway.
(Los Angeles Times)

In her op-ed, professor Herbie Huff of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies, writes that the only effective way to decrease traffic congestion in Los Angeles is to introduce a dynamic tolling system. Dynamic tolling incorporates an automatic transponder that charges solo drivers while allowing carpools to drive for free with the price of the toll lanes varying based on the time of day and congestion. Similarly to how airline tickets increase in Read more


Immense amounts of rainfall in Southern California this year have not only lifted the area out of extreme drought, but also greatly improved air quality. The combination of strong winds, which blow particulates out of the Los Angeles basin, and record amounts of rain, has resulted in significantly lower levels of air pollutants than during drought years. UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain comments that the clear and calm winter conditions that Read more

California needs is a water infrastructure vulnerability assessment that includes dams, aqueducts and coastal aquifers. This assessment must be used to develop a priority list for retrofits and construction.
Hector Amezcua

California has seen an unusual winter with increased storm activity in both its Northern and Southern regions. This has raised an alarm for the state’s dated-infrastructure as is the case with the unfolding situation of Oroville Dam. In an Op-Ed for the Sacramento Bee, Alex Hall, UCLA atmospheric and oceanic professor, and Mark Gold, associate vice chancellor for environment and Read more

An intrepid tuber heads head-first down the chute at Leland Snowplay in
Leland Meadows, near Pinecrest.
(Photo courtesy of Dino Vournas)

Following 5 years of severe drought, California’s water infrastructure is struggling to adapt to unusually heavy precipitation this year. According to UCLA atmospheric researcher Daniel Swain, California’s climate has always been characterized by the presence or absence of atmospheric rivers, which result in alternating drought and flood conditions in the state. Even though this has historically been the case, researchers warn that a warming climate will Read more