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Dr. Peyman Golshani, Daniel Aharoni and UCLA colleagues are making detailed instructions for building the device available to other scientists around the world.
Leigh Hopper/UCLA Health

UCLA researchers score a $8.3 million grant from the National Science Foundations because they have made it possible to literally see inside an animal’s brain with the invention of a tiny microscope. This project has been established through a collaboration among professors Peyman Golshani, Tad Blair, Jason Cong and Alcino Silva, Sotiris Masmanidis and Daniel Aharoni, all of UCLA; and Alipasha Vaziri, a professor at Read more

There is hope for people with depression, especially when doctors like this dedicate their lives to research.

Posted by Upworthy on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dr. Nelson Freimer, director of the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge, shares why he has devoted his life to understanding depression.

“Support research because we need to understand depression better if we’re going to get to the point, which I believe we will reach, where no one has to lose their lives to suicide.”

– Nelson Freimer, Director of the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge

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The UCLA Grand Challenge initiative was mentioned in an Inside Higher Ed article by Paul Fain.  Fain views Grand Challenge programs initiated by UCLA (in 2013) and Indiana University (in 2015) as potential answers to the public’s skepticism about the value of research conducted at public universities. The article featured feedback from Pedro Ribeiro, a spokesperson for Read more

Leslie Rith-Najarian examined how different marketing techniques influenced men and women to use her mental wellness tool.
University of California

Congratulations to Leslie Rith-Najarian, UCLA Foundation Depression Grand Challenge Fellow and PhD student in the department of psychology at UCLA, for winning the 2017 University of California Grad Slam! UC Grad Slam is an annual contest that highlights graduate student research from the UC’s 10 campuses and awards a winner with a $10,000 prize. In Leslie’s short pitch: “Making mental health more engaging Read more

UCLA Facilities Management’s water efficiency project saves 28 million gallons annually. In the next few years, the total is expected to grow to 48 million gallons.
Nurit Katz/UCLA

UCLA’s extensive water-saving program was recognized as Water Efficiency Project of the Year by the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge at the third annual Innovation Awards ceremony on Tuesday, February 28. The water reclamation program at UCLA conserves 28 million gallons of water every year and uses this water to cool the campus cogeneration plant that provides efficient power to the university. This marks the second time this year that Read more