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Mountain lion P-22 is seen prowling Griffith Park in a remote photo.
Miguel Ordenana

P-22, Griffith Park’s most famous mountain lion, has been very lucky so far. Survival for these predators is rare in the Los Angeles region. The small, eight-square mile park where P-22 resides has no connection to other wilderness areas and is extensively visited by humans, leaving many species with no choice but to adapt to urban life. Biologists hope that wilderness corridors will connect Read more

Tourists explore the rocky shoreline of Pacific Grove, a small town located on Monterey Bay.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Jon Christensen of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability recently co-authored a report about shoreline access in California with researchers from San Francisco State. The findings of the study indicate that economic factors pose a significant barrier to beach access for Californians, many of whom are discouraged from making the trip by costs associated with travel, Read more

Adding nanoscale particles of aluminum oxide increases the depth of the melting zone (MZ) in nickel and decreases the size of the heat-affected zone (HAZ). The bottom right image shows how even at higher temperatures the heat affected zone doesn’t grow very large.
Credit: UCLA Engineering

A research team led by Xiaochun Li, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UCLA, has found that adding nanoparticles to metals used in welding and 3-D printing allows manufacturers better control over the melting and solidification process. This finding has profound implications for energy storage and efficient materials design, both of which will experience Read more