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In these images of children’s brains, red correlates with slower brain signaling speeds, while green and blue indicate normal brain signaling.

Among children with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, some experience long-term brain degeneration following injury. However, not all children that experience traumatic brain injury (TBI) have progressive cognitive decline, and CT scans do not reliably predict the likelihood for recovery. UCLA researchers discovered a biomarker Read more

This season has been a boon for California ski resorts but when future droughts hit there are reasons to be concerned.
Courtesy of Peter Morning

According to UCLA climate scientist Alex Hall and co-author Neil Berg, the Sierra Nevada snowpack, which provides 60 percent of the state’s water, has been severely diminished by human-induced climate change. If emissions levels aren’t decreased, the snowpack could largely disappear during droughts. The consequences of the Read more

UCLA scientists discovered that dendrites (shown here in green) are not just passive conduits for electrical currents between neurons.
Shelley Halpain/UC San Diego

UCLA Researchers are reframing how we understand the brain. Previously, the scientific community believed that our neurons (brain cells) have somas (neuronal cell bodies) that send electrical pulses to other neurons using branching dendrites. However, Mayank Mehta, UCLA neurophysicist and senior author, discovered that Read more

Examples of gene networks in the hippocampus affected by brain trauma. UCLA researchers report that the “master regulator” genes (in red) influence many other genes responsible for the effects of brain trauma.
Qingying Meng/UCLA

UCLA researchers are the first to identify master genes that may control hundreds of genes linked to diseases such as depression, Alzheimer’s and many more. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) seems to damage these master genes, which then alters gene expression and/or protein production of genes linked to the master gene. Using an animal model, researchers simulated TBI among a cohort of rats and drew RNA from the rats. Among rats with simulated Read more

Image of a human brain with seven metastases, depicted here as the small colored spheres inside rectangles.
UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Center

UCLA researchers have revealed the need for more scientific research when treating brain metastases, cancer cells that have spread from a primary tumor to the brain. According to research led by Dr. Percy Lee, director of UCLA’s Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy program, physicians significantly vary in their treatment strategies for brain metastases. Lee and his team emailed surveys to 5,000 radiation oncologists around the world, and Read more