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The Sustainable LA Grand Challenge (SLA GC) Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. SLA GC-URSP is a year-long course that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct sustainability research under the mentorship of faculty researchers. Undergraduate team research projects will contribute to the SLA GC goal of transitioning Los Angeles County to 100% renewable energy, 100% local water, and enhanced ecosystem health by 2050.

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DGC Newsletter – Issue #7
Timing: Fall 2018
Topic: Innovative Treatment Network Component – Screening and Treatment for Anxiety and Depression (STAND) Program

Beginning in spring 2017, UCLA Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) started publishing a subscriber-based newsletter. Issue #7 focused on the Screening and Treatment for Anxiety and Depression (STAND) program, which is an integral part of the Innovative Treatment Network component.

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On October 16, 2018, UCLA senior Valeree Catangay was honored with the Brower Youth Award, an annual national award that recognizes young leaders in the environmental movement. Catangay co-founded the Environmentalists of Color Collective, UCLA’s first environmental justice club. The club advocates for environmentalism to include narratives of communities and people of color.

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2017-2018 Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Research Scholars.

The Goldhirsh Foundation committed $50K to the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge (SLA GC) earlier this month to fund the FY19 Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (SLA GC-URSP). This signature, year-long program began in the 2014-2015 academic year and matches students with SLA GC researchers. SLA GC-URSP combines research, Read more