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In their latest findings (pictured above) the research team found that under a “business as usual” scenario of greenhouse gas concentrations, extremely dry and extremely wet events become more common over the course of this century.

In the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge–funded project “The Future of Extreme Precipitation in California,” UCLA researchers at the UCLA Center for Climate Science are investigating the effects of climate change on extreme Read more

In the face of more frequent droughts and growing water demands, Los Angeles County officials are considering a new property tax for stomwater infrastructure that could meet non-potable water needs for an additional 2.5 million people.

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors is considering a measure for the 2018 ballot that would establish a property tax to fund stormwater diversion and collection projects. Residents and businesses would be taxed per area of non-permeable surfaces on their property, and the revenue would be used to reduce stormwater pollution, help the Read more

The concrete of the Los Angeles River.
(Los Angeles Times)

Mark Gold, associate vice chancellor of environment and sustainability at UCLA and the leader of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, penned an opinion piece in The Los Angeles Times emphasizing the need to transform and update water infrastructure to maximize local water in the city of Los Angeles and achieve this outcome. In the Read more

Water flowing through the Los Angeles River in downtown Los Angeles
Alexandria Choy/ UCLA

On February 28, 2018, UCLA released a new water report that shows that if Los Angeles captures more local stormwater, increases its use of recycled water, steps up conservation measures, and cleans up groundwater then it could meet the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge’s goal of 100-percent locally sourced water. Read more

Little snow has fallen this year on the granite walls above Yosemite Valley, as seen in this recent photo of El Capitan. Photo credit: Michael Macor, The Chronicle

SF Gate recently consulted with UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain (Institute of Environment and Sustainability) for an article about the declining snowpack in Sierra Nevada. Swain has been closely monitoring the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California Read more