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The ongoing global trend of migration into large cities will only heighten the need for urban planning focused on sustainability.
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UCLA will receive $3 million over the next five-years from the National Science Foundation’s NSF Research Traineeship to launch a program that will educate graduate students on sustainable supplies of food, energy, and water to growing urban centers under the pressure of global climate change. Understanding the food, energy, water nexus in conjunction with complex regional socioeconomic and urban planning challenges is an important step towards achieving a sustainable LA. Read more

Dominguez Channel in Los Angeles County
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UCLA researchers have looked at how to improve water-quality and increase water-supply with a focus on the City of Los Angeles – a necessary step towards realizing 100% locally-sourced water for L.A. County by 2050, which is a goal of the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.  In the recently released report, LA Sustainable Water Project: Dominguez Channel and Machado Lake Watersheds, researchers specifically studied the highly urbanized Dominguez Channel watershed, which includes the Machado Lake watershed and looked at the Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant, as well as the underlying groundwater basins, to better understand opportunities to improve water quality and increase water supply. Read more

Researchers at UCLA are trying to determine what it would take to get to 100 percent local water supply.
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Researchers at UCLA created a comprehensive model to find out how L.A. County can reduce its reliance on imported water: an important step towards reaching the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge goal of 100% local water by 2050. Read more

This season has been a boon for California ski resorts but when future droughts hit there are reasons to be concerned.
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According to UCLA climate scientist Alex Hall and co-author Neil Berg, the Sierra Nevada snowpack, which provides 60 percent of the state’s water, has been severely diminished by human-induced climate change. If emissions levels aren’t decreased, the snowpack could largely disappear during droughts. The consequences of the Read more