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Skirball Fire from Bel Air, Linda Flora. Fires like these will likely become more frequent in the Los Angeles region due to changes in climate patterns, UCLA climate experts say.
Judd Weiss;

A number of UCLA climate experts responded to recent Southern California wildfires with the same message – these events are a foreshadowing of conditions to come due to human-induced climate change. These researchers explained that the combination of an unusually wet winter last year with an unusually dry, warm summer and fall exacerbate fire risk. The wet winter prompts Read more

Professor Glen MacDonald (Geography) presenting on his research: Regional and Urban Vegetation Browning and the Recent Drought – A Preview of Los Angeles’ Future?
Asma Mahdi

On November 29, 2017, the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Water Research Symposium gathered researchers from across campus to share their work and perspectives on realizing local water for Los Angeles. Bringing together the UCLA research community and representatives from the City and County of LA, the symposium was a platform to inform on-the-ground regional sustainability Read more

Shaily Mahendra, a UCLA associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and a Samueli Fellow.

UCLA associate professor of civil and environmental engineering Shaily Mahendra received the 2017 Paul L. Busch Award  in recognition of her innovative and promising technology to remove harmful pollutants from water using enzymes and a delivery system that has been successful in medical applications in the past. Her work proposes to use this tried and true technology to treat Read more

The Los Angeles River flows past the Atwater Village neighbourhood during a rain storm in Los Angeles, California on January 12, 2017.

Los Angeles can have a more sustainable future with 100-percent local-water, but it will come at the cost of a more parched L.A. River, according to a new study released by UCLA. The study, the most comprehensive analysis to date of integrated water management strategies for the river, is intended to guide local officials in planning for the river’s future. Mark Gold, one of the study’s lead authors and UCLA’s associate vice chancellor for environment and sustainability, Read more