2017 Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Environmental Report Card for Los Angeles County Energy and Air Quality

The 2017 Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Environmental Report Card on Energy and Air Quality offers an in-depth look at the region’s sustainability efforts focusing on the energy we use, greenhouse gas emissions, and the air we breathe within Los Angeles County. This report card is the only comprehensive environmental report card for a megacity in the world, and assesses 21 indicators across five categories: Stationary Energy Use; Transportation; Renewable Energy Resources; Greenhouse Gas Emissions; and Air Quality and Human Health Impacts. The aim of the report card is to provide a broader picture of current conditions in the county, and assess existing programs to evaluate progress in meeting local and state energy, greenhouse gas, and air quality goals.

Authors, Editors
Felicia Federico, D.Env.
Casandra Rauser, Ph.D.
Mark Gold, D.Env.

Contributing Authors
Sarah Chiang
Sagarika Subramanian
Jamie Liu
Anne Youngdahl
Sharanya Sethuram