Elizabeth Reid-Wainscoat

Research Policy Analyst

Sustainable LA Grand Challenge,
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Tel: 310 825 6275
Email: ereidwainscoat@conet.ucla.edu

Elizabeth Reid-Wainscoat is a research and policy analyst for the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge (SLA GC). She is a recent graduate of the master’s program in ecology and evolutionary biology at UCLA where she worked as a graduate student researcher with the LA Mayor’s Sustainability Office helping develop a biodiversity index for the city. Previously, Elizabeth worked for three years as a biologist for the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research helping to restore populations of endangered species. Elizabeth received her bachelor’s in environmental systems at UC San Diego with a minor in marine biology. Her primary role at SLA GC is coordinating the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Ecosystem Health Report Card. She also assists with policy recommendations for the city of Los Angeles’ Biodiversity Strategy and the county’s Sustainability Plan.