The Team

Four Interdisciplinary Research Committees — Energy, Water, Ecosystem Health, and Spatial and Discipline Integration — met consistently to develop a work plan outlining the research required for implementation. This work plan process was overseen by a Project Steering Committee, with full-time dedication from Mark Gold and Cassie Rauser. The preliminary work plan was reviewed by an esteemed scientific and technical advisory committee.

Steering Committee

Mark Gold

Mark Gold

Associate Vice Chancellor for
Environment & Sustainability
Water Committee

Cassie Rauser

Cassie Rauser

Director, Sustainable LA Grand Challenge
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Cara Horowitz

Cara Horowitz

Ecosystem Health Committee

Hilary Godwin

Hilary Godwin

Spatial & Discipline
Integration Committee

Alex Hall

Alex Hall

Water Committee

Brad Shaffer

Brad Shaffer

Ecosystem Health Committee

Richard Wirz

Richard Wirz

Energy Committee

Michelle Popowitz

Michelle Popowitz

UCLA Grand Challenges

Interdisciplinary Research Committees

Interdisciplinary Research Committees

Energy Committee
Ann Carlson

Energy Systems, Climate Change, Environmental Law & Policy

J.R. DeShazo

Energy & Water Economics & Policy

Rajit Gadh

Smart Grid Energy Management & Delivery

Diana Huffaker

High-efficiency Nanotech-based Photovoltaics

Gregory Okin

Physical Geography, Soil, Dust & Renewable Energy

Suzanne Paulson

Characterization of Air Quality & Effects on Health & Climate

Richard Wirz

Alternative Energy Generation & Storage

Ecosystem Health Committee
Richard Ambrose

Coastal Environmental Assessment & Restoration

Tom Gillespie

Biogeography & Remote Sensing

Ursula Heise

Biodiversity & Environmental Humanities

Cara Horowitz

Environmental Law & Policy

Mike Jerrett

Geographic Exposure Modeling & Land Use Characterization

Brad Shaffer

Applied Ecosystem Conservation

Water Committee
Mark Gold

Water Policy & Coastal Resource Management

Alex Hall

Climate Science & Regional Climate Modeling

Eric Hoek

Nanomembranes, Sewage Treatment, & Recycled Water

Christine Lee

Remote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring

Dennis Lettenmaier

Hydrology & Hydrology Climate Interactions

Steve Margulis

Hydrologic Processes & Climate Change

Maite Zubiaurre

Cultural Diversity in Attitudes about Refuse

Spatial & Discipline Integration Committee
Dana Cuff

Urban Design, Sensing Technologies & Architecture

Hilary Godwin

Public Health Impacts of Climate Change

Juan Matute

Sustainable Transportation & Land Use

Ted Parson

Environmental Law & Science Policy

Stephanie Pincetl

Energy & Water Use Policy

Gaurav Sant

Sustainable Construction Materials

Eui-Sung Yi

Architecture & Strategic Urban Design

Scholarly and Technical Advisory Committee

UCLA is very appreciative of the following thought leaders who are serving as external advisers.

Christopher Boone

Arizona State University
Dean, School of Sustainability and Professor, School of Human Evolution & Social Change, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Urban geography, environmental justice and public health with respect to global environmental change

Mikhail Chester

Arizona State University
Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental & Sustainable Engineering and Affiliate Faculty, School of Sustainability

Energy and environmental life cycle assessment; resilient infrastructure and climate change

Mark Z. Jacobson

Stanford University
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Mapping of alternative energy future; computer modeling and analysis of atmospheric impacts of energy technologies

Rob McConnell

University of Southern California
Professor, Preventive Medicine and Director, Children’s Environmental Health Center

Health impacts of air pollution and environmental health policy

David Spence

University of Texas, Austin
Professor, Business, Government & Society and Law

Law and politics of energy regulation and economic regulation in the public utility industry

Christy Brigham

CSU, Northridge
Chief of Planning, Science and Resource Management, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and Adjunct Professor, Biology

Restoration ecology and impacts of invasive species on native biodiversity

Jay Famiglietti

Jet Propulsion Laboratory and University of California, Irvine
Senior Water Scientist, NASA JPL and Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science

Hydrology and climate change with focus on groundwater

Alexandra Klass

University of Minnesota
Professor, Law and Resident Fellow, Institute on the Environment

Energy law, environmental law, natural resources law, tort law, and property law

Ben Schwegler

Walt Disney Imagineering and Stanford University
Vice President & Chief Scientist, Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development; Adjunct Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Sustainable design and engineering of the built environment; novel water treatment technologies

Nancy Sutley

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Chief Sustainability and Economic Development Officer

Environmental policy, public health and the environment, and energy and climate change issues