Our Five-Year Work Plan lays out more than 100 innovative research recommendations critical to charting a pathway for Los Angeles County to achieve the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge goals by 2050

The Energy that powers the built environment and transportation; the Water that supports life and all activity; and the Ecosystems that share our landscape, help shape our culture, and enhance our well-being.

100 % Renewable Energy

We are moving toward a future in which Los Angeles County obtains 100% of its energy from renewable resources.

  • Expanding renewable energy generation – moving from just 22% in 2015 to 100% by 2050.
  • Designing an integrated system for distribution and storage of renewable energy.
  • Improving management of energy consumption.
  • Reducing building energy consumption, improving demand management, and ensuring system sustainability.

100% Local Water

Efforts are under way to decrease consumption and help Los Angeles County meet 100% of its water  needs locally.

  • Maximizing local water supplies – currently only between 32 and 38 % of water is locally sourced.
  • Reducing water consumption and changing our mindset and attitudes toward water.
  • Improving local water resources management: infrastructure, technology and governance.

Enhanced Ecosystem Health

We are finding new ways to integrate the built environment, the natural landscape and the plants and  animals around us.

  • Assessing biodiversity and ecosystem health, by establishing baseline knowledge of the presence and distribution of ecosystems, habitats and species in Los Angeles County.
  • Enhancing ecosystem health and resiliency but integrating biodiversity into the built environment and restoring local ecosystems.
  • Understanding and measuring the relationship between ecosystem health and human health and well-being – and ensuring equal access to green spaces and natural areas to all of society